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The assessment will show your vitamin and mineral status and would suggest what you can do to balance the deficiencies if required.

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Skin care

Book a consultation to learn how to get the skin you want. We use tried and tested methods which are unique for you.

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Weight loss

Visit us and find out how to loose weight in a healthy and steady way whilst improving overall health.

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Life Coaching

We work with you to tap in to the most important aspects of your life, helping you to bring balance in all.


Abdus Samad AZAD (Dip EN) is a qualified nutritionist specialising in energetic foods and holistic therapy. As a respected authority on energic foods he gives regular talks and seminars at conferences and institutes around the country. His special interest is on the digestive system which in turn impacts the skin, weight, digestion, mental health and mood. The management of digestion can lead to improvements in all area of health.

  • We treat the cause not the symptoms

  • We focus on the person rather than generic formulas

  • Our approach has been around for over 3000 years